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OLDTIMERS: Remembering the past


Two brothers look quietly through the window at beautiful Lake Candlewood. Time has taken a toll of these men as it does to us all. Once, they were Rookies - unknown and untested yet strong and willing. They learned, sometimes the hard way. Sometimes they won - sometimes they lost. They made the Fire Service a lifetime career and saw and experienced things most people dread. From one decade to the next they served. It seemed that it would never end. But the time came to pass the mantle to younger men and, as time would dictate, women. Their years made retirement not only desirable but also neccessary. So, after giving up their strength and youth they went away older with accompanying aches and pains. Yet my guess is that they would say it was worth it all and wouldn't mind grabbing the brass ring for another try if it were possible. I, for one, would give them that chance. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind taking another shot at it myself!

So, what is it they see as they look across the water? A nice lake? Pretty homes? Yes it's those things and a whole lot more. You could ask them and maybe they'd tell you. But you don't need to do that. Take the time to look at that vista yourself and just remember..........

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